Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Welcome to all of you...

Welcome to the new home for Grace, too. Please bear with me as i work out all the kinks and get it all put together the way i want it. It may look familiar to some of you...that is because i really do love the colour scheme...i'll just be making minor changes...but the main part of moving it was two fold. The address to the former Grace, too was a painful reminder of a very painful part of my life, a part that i am ready to move past now that i have Tim and we are so happy together.

Secondly somehow i'd lost my profile and now i've got it back. I'll work on that too over the next few days.

So i hope you found me alright and will keep coming to read me. I will try to post daily but i hope you'll forgive me when i don't....i will always keep in touch.

Thank you for coming...please update your blog lists. Thank you again.


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