Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday morning

I woke up a little while ago with a very painful headache. My head is thumping and feels like it is going to explode...i just want to cry but crying makes it worse. I have taken some pain medication for it, just some over the counter stuff to start, to see if it will help without taking the major meds i have for pain, which tend to knock me out (which is often a good thing) but today i have things to do. It is Friday, time to do my list.

For all of my talking (complaining) i do about said list, it really isn't so bad. My sister chose small jobs ....the least i can do is do them....and so i will but later...for now i think i'll go back to bed. Mother is still asleep and it's quiet, so off i go.

See you less pain i pray.

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