Saturday, February 16, 2008

Late night grocery shopping

I have barely gotten out of bed today. I just have zero energy and feel so very tired. Add to that a very painful headache and you get me, a complete lazy bones today.

For the most part, mother has been understanding as she will allow herself to be. We had a bit of drama today though because mother accidententally took two of her antibiotic tablets instead of two tylenol. I assured her she'd be fine, after all many times i've been given antibiotics and been instructed to take two right away to get it into my system but mother wasn't having that. She didn't believe in what i was telling her and wanted to hear something from a professional. We ended up calling our pharmacy, thank goodness they were still open...and we spoke to the pharmacist. He was very nice and reassured us that mother would be just fine. In essence he told mother what i had but she believed it coming from him. She was very relieved and was better off the rest of the day. She hasn't had much of an appetite lately, though she is still i didn't have to make much today. For dinner i didn't cook. Mother just wanted some soup and since i was feeling so poorly i assumed the others could feed themselves. I didn't eat, still haven't but i'm not feeling very hungry, though i am craving some ice cream and potato chips.

We are expecting a winter storm, hooray. I still haven't felt well enough to get out and go for groceries so i doubt i'll get out tomorrow. I'm thinking of going to a 24 hour store right now. I feel like going but i have to talk to mother about it.

I am back...have talked to mother and decided i'm going out to the i'll end this but i'll be back later.

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