Friday, February 15, 2008


I had another rough day today. I just can't seem to shake this headache. I take oxy contin and they just aren't touching the pain. I need to speak to my oncologist about it and see if there isn't something different i can try. Back to morphine perhaps.

Since i was in such pain and so tired, i spent a lot of time in bed today. My mother was not amused but it meant i didn't get to spend much time with Tim. I missed him was our first Valentine's day today, the first of many to come. We did spend a few hours tonight together and as always that was fun, i love him so.

I have to get up early in the morning ...well early for me, 9am, to call my doctors office and to call the occupational therapist that is trying to make an appointment to come and talk about mother. We are hoping she will make arrangements for mother to get a commode chair. We only have one bathroom here and my nephew seems to monopolize the bathroom. Mother has irritable bowel and so she frequently needs the bathroom. I have no idea why my adult nephew spends so much time in the bathroom. He baths several times a day. I think he is up to something in there but i cannot prove it. He is a former drug user and i'm not so sure the former is accurate, but as i say, i can't back that up with anything...other than suspicion. He drives us crazy, always going in bathe or wash or shave, multiple times a day, i mean how many times does a man need to shave a day. The lad needs a job, a steady job but that is a whole other story.

Tomorrow, (since it's almost 4am) i have to do my list of chores and also do some grocery shopping. I can't do groceries until my sister gets home from work because mother will panic if left alone...don't want that to happen. It won't take me long to do my list but i do have to do laundry too. I hope to feel energetic in the morning to get it done then so that i can spend time with i'd better go get some sleep.

So glad some of you have found me, i hope others do too...

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