Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Keeping in touch...

This post will be a short one, to let you all know i am still alive and kicking. I have a excruciatingly bad headache right now so do not want to be in front of my computer for too long. I just wanted to let you know, as it's been a few days since i posted.

Nothing new here on the home front or otherwise. I go for another scan on Thursday, that will go well i'm sure...and my doctor will have the results and see me the following week.

It is snowing here as i type this. I know some of you are over winter already but i'm loving it, it's so pretty...i just wish Tim were here so he could take me for a walk in it.

Speaking of Tim, we've been playing a new game on Pogo called Shuffle bump. It's a two player game (well duh!) that is kind of like shuffle board, fun! We of course still play chess and i have to tell you i win the odd game too. When i do i am positively as giddy as a school girl...well you would be too if you were me. I think we've played some three hundred games, of that i've won about 25 and we've drawn on about 30. Drawing frustrates me...sometimes i just can't close the deal when i have his king on the run. He is has been trying to teach me but i'm not a quick study, bless his heart, he is a patient man.

Well i am going to try to get to all of your blogs. I will be back soon. Hope i didn't bore you with the chess part, what can i say, it thrills me.

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