Thursday, March 21, 2013

On Friday March 8th my mother passed away. My world has not been the same since. I'm having trouble sleeping. Images of her as she laid in her bed as we all said our goodbyes and waited for the funeral home to arrive and remove her body are emblazoned in my mind.

Mom did not want to be buried, so we had her cremated. Also pressed into my mind are awful images of my mother burning. I cannot get these out of my mind. I'm trying though.

Our family has fallen to pieces in the meantime. Four sister divided in two. My oldest sister and I and then the other two.

This makes me so sad but it cannot be helped. Family politics aside, we've always been a dysfunctional all of this happening is not surprising. The chasms have just widened. So yes it is sad but knowing my family, it is not surprising.

I loved my mom...and i took care of her for the better part of the last 10 years. We spent so much time together... we drove each other crazy but we loved each other too...and I will miss her.

RIP mom.