Thursday, February 21, 2008

I feel lazy

It is promising to be a relatively relaxing day. I don't have much to do today, unless i find something for myself.

I need to head to the grocery store....there are a few things that we need, that i forgot when i was there last night. Yes, that's right...i was there last night and got quite a bit but certainly not tons. My nephew drove me over and waited for me while i shopped. I tried to be quick but i do love to grocery today i have to head over again. I think i have to wait until my sister gets home though, which i really hate but mother is worried about being alone and having a panic attack.

Last night we had hamburgers and they were really yummy. Today i am making a hamburger stew. I was going to make a ham but my mother thought it might be a good idea to make the stew as it would be something easy my sister could chew since she is finally seeing the dentist today regarding her toothache. I just emailed her to see how she made out and i haven't heard back yet, hopefully she is doing okay.

Yesterday we had a visit from mothers new social worker. She was basically here to talk to us about mother going into a nursing home. She took some basic information from her and is going to mail out a package about homes available to mother then she will come back in two weeks to go over things. Going by what mother had to say to her, i'd say she has no plans on going into care but maybe she will change her mind. I want to gently sway her that way without her feeling's a fine line, i'll have to delicate.

Speaking of mother...she is happily watching The Price is Right. It's one of her favourite shows, another one being Wheel of Fortune. She is a fan of all game shows really and i confess to liking them too. We watched the show that was on the other night, i think it was called 'My Dad is Better Than Your Dad' or something like that. It was fun and seemed to keep mother interested.

Well i had better get going on the stew i am making...though i do just feel very lazy...i think it will be one of those days.

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