Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Hump day!

I feel terrible right pain, head pain. I've taken my pain medication but it just isn't touching here i am, blogging.

Tim and i just played some pool online. We play that on
Pogo but we also play at a new site called Gamedesire . It has some good games there and it is also free to play on but like Pogo, there is a VIP account that you can pay to join. We haven't done that, though we have on Pogo. We enjoy our time together, playing, talking and having lots of laughs. We really are good together.

Today i am hoping to get out for a while and do some shopping. We don't need a lot, i just did do a big shop...but i do want to get out into the fresh air and breathe it in.

I have a doctors appointment this week but i cannot find the paper where i wrote it i am going to have to call the office today and find out. I really should get a card each time or add it to my Blackberry but i'd lose it too i'm sure.

I am listening to some music as i'm typing my favourite band, The Tragically's been a while since i've been able to listen to some music because the sound on my computer was not working. I had no idea why and tried doing a system restore to an earlier date when it was working but that didn't work. The other night Tim and i were talking about it and he made a suggestion...which i tried when i discovered that my old headset was still set as my current headphones. When i changed it over to the current set i am using, voila! it worked. Yay! Mystery solved. Now i can enjoy
Jay's vlogs with sound, sounds on the game sites and of course my music. Thank goodness all this time i didn't lose the ability to chat voice with Tim.

So i mentioned my Blackberry. I am wondering if anyone else has one and if you do, how do you go about downloading ringtones? I enjoy the ringtone i am currently using but i do like a change every now and again. Help!

Well i had better go read your blogs before i get too tired to enjoy them...then i'll head to bed for some sleep.

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