Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wednesdays words

Well the mystery about my missing profile continues. I think (but i'm not positive) that this happened over on my other blog which is why, in part, i think i moved it here. Now it has happened again and i am perplexed because i don't know what i did but would like to know so that i don't do it again, should i move again.

It's just so frustrating not having a brain in proper working condition...or maybe i'm just a ditz and mess things up from time to time...which case, i cannot blame my tumor for that, can i.

I had a rather good day today. My third day of temodar and i have some sick times but otherwise i am functioning. I am thankful that i am not having to spend tons of time in bed because of it. Don't get me wrong...i'm tired most of the time and so i do take frequent naps but at least i am not bedridden. Thank God for that.

Today Tim went golfing with his brother and nephew. I am so glad he's been going most Wednesday with them. Last week they started out to play but the weather was iffy so they went to a movie instead. Today they played a full course and it sounded like they had a good time. Afterwards they went out for dinner to a Mexican restaurant which Tim said was very good. He didn't get home until after 8pm so he was gone most of the day. I missed him but i kept myself busy, when i wasn't napping that is.

I had a nap after i made mother her lunch and tidied up the kitchen and did the dishes. I set my alarm to wake me up 4pm. I was up and down during my nap, getting sick. I felt rough for a while there but it passed and i was able to get some sleep eventually. I awoke before the alarm went off, feeling much better and decided i'd get a start on dinner. I made a hamburger stew for the ladies which i would would have over rice. I know...kind of weird but my mom fancied rice and i wanted some too...just some plain white rice for me.

As the stew was simmering away, i decided to get together a couple of loads of laundry. I guess you could say i was feeling energetic...but more to the point, i was missing Tim and needed to do something to occupy myself, otherwise i sit and almost watch the clock, wondering when he'll get home.

It wasn't long before it was after 5pm and my sister came home from work. She'd left work early today because she had an appointment, then visited an elderly lady that she visits regularly for the VON (the Victorian Order of Nurses) as a volunteer. She was in a good mood and said dinner smelled yummy. By that time i was feeling somewhat nauseous again and wasn't enjoying it at all.

I got the laundry all done and folded and put away, then finished up making dinner. The ladies seemed to enjoy it...and i had a nice bowl of rice with a few brown beans. After dinner my sister did the dishes and i laid down in bed to watch some tv. I was feeling so tired again and needed to rest.

By that time it was 8pm and So You Think You Can Dance was on. AMerica's Greatest Dog was on at the same time but i set that to record and dozed during Dance. It's a good show but it just couldn't keep me awake. At some point after that Tim called to let me know he was home. It was so good to hear from him...he told me a bit about his game and dinner then he let me go to go lay down himself. Soon after i set my alarm again and dozed off.

At 9.30 my alarm went off but i still felt very tired so i just laid there, watching tv. Mother had Dog the Bounty Hunter on...i couldn't get into that so went into the living room to see what my sister was watching. I saw the last bit of Dance and then we watched Primtime while i rubbed my sister neck and shoulders. She had a headache and needed it..i was glad to help out. It's nice too when she does me but i was feeling fine so just did her.

After that show was over i made twice daily ritual (i would LOVE an ice maker) which i don't mind doing because i love my iced water...tidied up the kitchen, put the dinner dishes away and went to my room and laid down again.

Soon after that Tim called and we agreed to meet online and play some games...we played for a bit then i remembered mother wanted a bath. So we stopped playing and i went to bathe mother...after i was done, Tim decided he was pooped and wanted to go to bed. I can certainly feel for him there...i'm tired too but thought i'd blog before i got back into bed, this time for the night.

I'm looking forward to the Dance finale tomorrow night as well as eviction night on Big Brother...oh and the last episdoe of's been an excellent medical series...i have two peidsodes that i haven't even watched yet, i'm saving them...maybe i'll even watch one when i go to bed now.

Off i go...hope each of you had a great day.


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