Sunday, August 17, 2008

Here comes the food

It happened. Somehow, happened.

Mother, who'd been giving me the mostly silent treatment, began to talk to me. It happened slowly at first...then she became quite a chatty Cathy. Sure it was the wee hours of the morning. Yes it meant she was interrupting my conversation with Tim...but it happened.

And total surprise, she broached the subject of food/groceries. There were things she wanted at a local bakery here...did i feel like going. Sure i said. What will we do about groceries, she asked. Hmmm, i said...could we order online? Yes she said...what will we get. And so it started..i logged onto the on to GroceryGateway and began making up an order. It has been the greatest thing, this online grocery store. As i added things to the list, i talked with mother, who was on the bed behind me, watching the Olympic coverage, trying to make her feel a part of the process. A bone of contention for her has always been that i buy what i want. Well to a certain degree that is true because i am the one who cooks the meals so i try, as best i can, to plan at least some meals in advance....and have ingredients for other possible she's right in that regard but i need some room to change things up.

Got everything ordered and even remembered the laundry soap, hooray for me. It will all be delivered tomorrow morning between 9-11am. Then i got myself tidied up and dressed and got ready to go to Zarky's. There, i picked up some mini pizzas, rolls and sausage rolls, yummy...they make nice sausage rolls. A few other things and i was on my way back home. I was gone less than an hour, probably only 30 mins or so a nd she stayed it can be done.

I told her so. Gosh she hates when i'm right.

Well, i'm getting a break from cooking tonight, we're ordering in some food. Should be good...we're watching the Olympic coverage until 8pm when Big Brother 10 comes on...looking forward to that.

Off i go...

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