Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just some stuff

Well...the week flew by and my sister is back home. She arrived home on Friday. It is good to have her back.

It's been relatively uneventful in these parts the last few days but yesterday (when i say yesterday i mean Sunday because of course it is Tuesday as i post this) was a bad day for me. I was in such pain and took my oxy's but it just didn't help. It's days like that that scare me so much. Perhaps that is normal...the fear i mean. I guess i feel it is. I don't know if it's healthy though. Do you think it is? Do you think it is normal for me to worry...Lord knows i have such worries...but don't we all. None of us knows how much longer we have on this earth, do we.

The thing i'm trying to do is to make the most of each day...as best i can. I'm not one for skydiving or jumping off cliffs. I don't think i need to feel the thrill of danger to feel alive. Cancer is danger enough for me, it's all i can handle right now. Do you know what i mean? I am just trying to live my life day by day and getting through the pain and sickness the only way i know how...one step at a time...it's all i can do.

On a happier note...my hairdresser came to the house today to do our hair, mothers and mine. Mother has been wanting a perm for the longest time and kept putting it off. Today she finally got it done and then had it styled. It looks so nice and turned out so curly...almost as nice and Cheryl's. I had mine cut and streaked with the cap. Often we do it with just the foils but this time we used the cap. We normally go with the foils because the cap is quite tight on the head and causes me quite a bit of pain. Today was no different but i sat through it...all in the name of beauty. So my hair is blondish and it looks nice. I had my hair dark for the fall and winter when i had some...and i'm so fortunate to have some now...so for the summer i went blonde. I enjoy it and somehow it cheers me up. It's kind of short (of course) and spikey with longish bangs. Sounds weird but it looks nice...kind of like Kate's hair on Jon and Kate plus 8 (for those of you who watch that show...i just love it, their children are darling and they seem like such loving, patient parents.

Wow...i am all over the place today...my mind is going a mile a minute.

I am online with Tim as i type this...we are talking as i am typing...he is watching Big Brother after Dark on a channel i don't get and filling me in on all that is going on. It's so much fun because we're both fans and can dish about the show...and he finds out stuff earlier than is aired on the show...fun! since i am so impatient to know things.

I think i am doing remarkably well...talking..typing..commenting...i'm so proud of myself..woohoo.

Off i go to play some chess...perchance to beat my Tim...it is a rarity but it has happened....wish me luck.

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