Thursday, May 2, 2013

I had a rather good day today. 

I had an outing with my sister. I went with her to get her hair done, then we went shopping. When we got home, we hung out in front of the tv, watching this and that...but by 10pm I was tired and headed to my room to bed.

It is now after midnight and I am still awake. I have a headache and my sciatica is really acting up. I need to Google  more about far as possibly finding something that might help relieve it. It is quite bothersome and painful.

When I sat down here, it was my goal to write about my mom and my son a bit...but to be honest I can't face writing about either of them tonight.

I'm trying to get back into the swing of writing a blog..thank you to those who have commented on my recent posts. I did not receive notification of any replies, so I think I need to check my settings. Also, this font seems awfully small to me as I type this so I am wondering if it will be just as small when I post this.

I'm on re-learning curveplease be patient.

Will get into bed now and hope that sleep comes soon.


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