Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Bit Of Sunshine

The day was a sad one for me but I got through it. My honey Tim cheered me up and is so patient when I cry. I love him for that.

The sun poked it's head out here and there today...which was just like my mood. Sometimes grey, sometimes not.

Two things are certain. I thought a lot about my mom and my son Brad today and I miss them both, terribly.

And so life goes on...I'll continue to wipe away the tears and smile through them as Tim makes me laugh.

I'll watch the Toronto Maple Leafs hopefully win game six against the Boston Bruins tonight...and I'll listen to my favourite radio show on called I'm With Stupid. If you have a chance, listen to these two amazingingly funny men. With their help today too, I am laughing through my tears.

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