Monday, March 31, 2008

A bit of fun...will you play along?

This was a challenge from Cheryl at Ladeda....i'm going to try it out, let me know if you do too so i can read yours.








It's not as easy as you think...but have fun!

1. Where is your mobile phone? desk

2. Your signifigant other? Tim

3. Your hair? Thinning

4. Your mother? Ill

5. Your father? Deceased

6. Your favourite thing? Vanilla

7. Your dream last night? Death

8. Your favourite drink? Water

9. Your dream/goal? Live

10. The room you're in? Bedroom

11. Your ex? Gone

12. Your fear? Death

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Louisville

14. Where were you last night? Bed

15. What you're not? Racist

16. Muffins? Bran

17. One of your wish list items? Phone

18. Where you grew up? Hamilton

19. The last thing you did? Posted

20. What are you wearing? Jammies

21. Your tv? On

22. Your pets? Cats

23. Your computer? Lifeline

24. Your life? Stressful

25. Your mood? Scared

26. Missing someone? Tim

27. Your car? None

28. Something you're not wearing? Undergarments

29. Favourite Store? Sears

30. Your summer? Hibernating

31. Like someone? Yes

32. Your favourite colour? Purple

33. When is the last time you laughed? Today

34. When is the last time you cried? Tonight

35. Who will re-post this? All?

That was fun...i hope you'll play along...let me know, k.

ps...eye crisis over...was very scary (could you tell?)...i have no idea what that was.

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