Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oh so cranky...

It has been a very lazy day for me, though in the last 90 minutes i've had a bit of a spurt of energy. In that time i have tidied up, vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom sink and toilet (does anyone like doing that?) and just now threw in a load of towels, stuff i didn't wash yesterday. I don't know why this spurt....but i'm going with the flow, despite how i feel.

I'm feeling crampy and back-achey...oh and the ever present head-achey too and in general just don't feel well. You must get tired of hearing about my headaches but they are related to my tumour. I get so tired of having them...and my mother is fed up hearing me say i have a bad headache... but what can i say. Maybe she should stop asking what's wrong with me...and just assume i am not feeling well. Maybe that is a safe bet. Or i'm just in a cranky mood.

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