Tuesday, April 1, 2008

News on mother

Mother has finally gone to hospital. I called for an ambulance to take her around 6pm, they did not arrive until almost 7.30 pm. Since it wasn't an emergency, per se, we kept getting bumped down the list.

She did not want to go, she cried and carried on a little but in the end we made her see sense... she was only getting weaker and she needed to be seen. She fears she may not 'come out' of hospital or that they will find something seriously wrong, as if what she already has isn't serious enough. I feel so relieved now, at peace that she is in the hands of people who will take care of her and find out what is wrong.

My sister accompanied her to the hospital but the paramedics warned us that all of the local hospitals were swamped and she'd be in for a long wait. Sister stayed until almost 11pm then came home at mother's insistance, thank goodness. I was told to stay home and rest, thankfully...since i'd had my treatment today. I will go and see mother in the morning. I am really hoping they will admit her and look after her for a day or so, if not more. I think she really needs the care and it's obvious that something is wrong. We should have made her go sooner...i have such guilt over that... but she is a grown woman and has a mind of her own and she can be downright stubborn.

So i will keep you posted.

Tomorrow promises to be a busy day. I want to go get my hair cut off. It is thinning badly and not that it's long or anything but what the heck, i may as well go with the flow. I might get it coloured too...as a last hurrah, but we shall see. This is just a thought i had...i need a hair cut badly...we'll see how tomorrow pans out. Tim has a medical appointment tomorrow (technically today now i guess) so he'll be busy for a large part of the day. I haven't seen him much at all the last few days, i've been sleeping so much...but i hope to remedy that soon.

Well i am going to see about reading your blogs, i didn't get around to all of them yesterday...so i'll get myself a fresh glass of ice water and read on.

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