Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursdays ramblings

Time seems to fly in between my posts. I apologize for that, there is a lot going on.

The treatments you know about...Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. This is my second week...almost done for this one and craving the weekend and two days off in a row. Joy. Needless to say, i'm sick...and tired, so very tired and oh the headaches. I won't drone on about them, suffice it to say...they hurt.

On top of that, mother is ill. We think she hasn't gotten over her kidney infection. She is having trouble urinating and she also has the runs. I know, not pleasant...but it's been going on for over a week now. She isn't eating much at all. She won't see the doctor and does not want to go to the hospital. The doctor has requested the local lab come by and take a urine sample...but so far they haven't come and i am worried. I've never seen her this way. She looks so tiny, so frail. When she is sleeping i check her to make sure she is still breathing. Worried, indeed. We can't let this go untreated much longer though, we'll have to put our foot down and have an ambulance come and take her to hospital... even if the lab comes today (or tomorrow) it will be next week before we get the results. Sigh.

I also have some computer problems. Not hardware related, thankfully... but at least if it were that, it could be replaced and sorted out. Right now i am in a frustrating place... waiting for an installation disc from my isp to reinstall MSN Premium. I was told to uninstall it (long story) and now i can't get it reinstalled. I've tried doing it from an online download site and it just keeps getting stuck...hence them sending me out a disc. The whole disc thing got complicated...again a long story (isn't every story w ith your isp) but i hope for its arrival in 5-7 business days. I won't hold my breath...just in case. As well as problems with my MSN Premium, i've been having problems using IE 7 and playing on Pogo...but i think i have that problem solved (fingers and toes crossed)....and as if that weren't enough...i keep getting an error message from my Windows XP on startup...something about the drive not being ready. I think this might mean that i need to do some kind of repair with my Windows....but between that and that problems with MSN Premium, i am worried sick that i will lose all of the beautiful emails that Tim has written me over the past few months. I hope it won't come to that. I wish i had printed them all out...heck i wish i had a printer....but now, here i a loss and still keeping my toes and fingers crossed and saying a prayer that i don't lose them, they mean that much to me.

On a happier note...some time ago i mentioned Tim had sent me a gift. It was a lovely teddy bear from the Vermont Teddy Bear company....a beautiful white angel teddy bear. She is positively darling and i cried when i got her because the card from Tim said that angels were watching over me. So touching. He really is a lovely man.

Which brings me to the parcel i sent Tim. Hooray he received it on Tuesday, finally. I sent him a bunch of things..including an iPOD shuffle and some monogrammed cufflinks...a silver chain and some cologne. Some other things too, which escape my diseased brain right now....but the most important thing was the laptop. Hooray! He has it. I am so glad i sent it to him. He's been busy working on it, loading his programs, etc on to it and perhaps today he will try it out when we get together online to talk and play.

I've been meaning to the font okay for all of you? I hope it is large enough...please let me know if it isn't.

I think i will go lay down for a while. I had trouble sleeping last night. I laid awake for ever flipping around the tv channels...looking for something to watch....when i did try to sleep i tossed and i haven't slept much. I will catch up w ith you at some point later today...for now my bed calls....if i can keep out of the bathroom long enough to sleep.

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