Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What a day...

So i went to see my oncologist this morning. After my last scan there had been a further very slight (ge gives me numbers which i never remember, darned tumour) reduction in my tumour....when he said that that's all i could think of...and probably heard nothing more, until he said things are such that we should resume chemo treatments and that he feels very positive about getting some good results. I'll be having it four days a week for 6 weeks. They will call me with the start date. I am not looking forward to it but of course it must be done...and the sooner the better. I want to get on with things so that i can get well and be with Tim.

When i came home from the doctors i changed into my jammies and laid down, i was tired and really hadn't slept much last night. While laying there, my nose suddenly began to run...i sniffled and kind of wiped it but it got worse...then i realized i was having a nose bleed. It bled quite a bit (so it seemed) because it got all over my pillow and quilt ...down my jammies..and when i stood up, dripped on the carpeting (oh lovely) until my mother was able to shove some kleenex my way so that i could get it under control. I felt shakey and lightheaded, i think mostly from the sight of all of the blood everywhere....but i already had a bad headache, the nosebleed seemed to make it worse...by then my head was throbbing.

After i got changed and tidied up...thankfully with some cold soapy water it came out of the carpeting...but it meant i'd be doing laundry to wash clothes and bedding. Ugh. I did not feel like doing this today. I finally got it all going now...i can't wait for it to finish so that i can lay down...on a nice, fresh washed bed.

After all that had happened and before i put the laundry in i went to the grocery store to pick up a few items, the most important item being laundry soap. I'd been for a major shop on Sunday but had forgotten all about detergent...we were all out so i had to go get some. I really did not feel like going but stuff had to be washed, i didn't want the stains to set.

I didn't pick up very much but i did get a garden salad for dinner with some boneless pork chops that i'll bread (if i can find the energy). At this point i just want to sleep...isn't that always the case with me, i am always so tired....that and my monthly friend has arrived. No i am not complaining..it's such a good thing but along with it, as you ladies know, comes the pain and discomfort. Suffice it to say i feel crappy today.

I really hope you're having a better day...i will be by your blogs later, to see what all of you are up to.

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