Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday night late

Getting ready for another week of treatment. Week three. I know i can do it but i can't wait for it to be over. Three days a week is really getting to me. I am so very tired all of the time, it's so hard tending to mother these days. Making meals can be torture when you are feeling nauseous...but it has to be done. The only thing is, mother is barely eating. She is still unwell. We had a urine sample tested and they found she has a bladder infection (does that cause the diarrhea and vomiting, i don't know)...i need to call the doctors office on Monday to ask. She needs to be seen but is refusing to go. She wants to be home. I am of the mind to call an ambulance and have her taken to the hospital. Surely they would treat her much better there than i can do here....but she cries and whines and does not want to go. I think i will just have to make the decision for her after i've spoken to the doctors office, to tell them how sick she still is. They did give her antibiotics and at least she is tolerating them, she often has a tough time with them.

Have i ever talked about the fact that my adult nephew lives here with us? He is 35 and acts like an immature teenager and has a terrible mouth on him. He has no respect for his mother nor mother or myself. He calls us rude names and makes all sorts of comments...but the worst thing is, he is a scammer and fast talker. I'll go into him another time because i just don't want to talk much about him....i just want him out but my sister won't put him out. She is enabling him and we are guilty of that too. The craziness has to stop, it is doing my head in and i don't need to be dealing with all of this right now, nor does mother. At this point in her life she deserves some peace.

Other than all of this 'stuff' going on, i have had a very lazy weekend. I slept most of it away though...spending some time in between sleeps and naps with Tim. My sister rented two movies this weekend. We watched one last night, Oscar nominated Atonement. I fell asleep last night so had to watch it again this morning. It was very good, i really enjoyed it. The second movie was called Becoming Jane. I didn't see it. My sister was in a big rush to take them back to the store. It wasn't one i'd been wanting to see so it was no big deal, i just enjoy watching movies. Usually i have popcorn with it but i didn't this time...oh well, next time.

Well i am going to head to your blogs now...see you there.

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