Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ouch it hurts

Saturday night i ended up in the emergency room. I had a rather serious headache which scared me. The pain was unbearable and it just suddenly came on, which worried me even i called the doctor on call, who suggested i get to the hospital right away to be seen.

While there they gave me morphine for the pain and did a lab workup as well as a scan. Long story short there was some swelling of my brain. They decided to put me on a course of steroids and sent me home to rest. They did want to keep me in overnight but i really needed to get back home to mother. I knew she was worried about me and so i was adamant. Sunday i slept all day and most of the night too. I get so scared at times like that, i wonder if my end is near.

Other than that an uneventful Labour day weekend. Sunday we ordered some Chinese food for dinner, which was yummy. I was thankful i didn't have to cook as so was my sister, who quite often cooks a big Sunday meal.

Monday i started another cycle of temodar. I was quite sick and spent more of that day and night in bed too. I remember watching Jon and Kate Plus 8 at some point but other than that, the evening was a blur.

Tonight i have a terrible headache. I'm in pain. I achel all over. I worry and i wonder if that makes it worse. For some reason too my neck and shoulders are so tight. I feel tense. I am wracked with pain and worry.

Worry because i got a message from my sister Lane today, eluding to the fact that something was wrong. She isn't ready to tell me what so i feel like she's left me dangling, worrying...but if she isn't ready to disclose the reason, i have no choice but to wait until she is. Granter, she is a grown woman but still i worry about her. I think it is natural to worry about a sibling who is obviously going through something at the moment. I know it's not her health or the health of either of her two children....which is a relief...but as i said, i'll just have to wait to find out.

Well i think i'll read some blogs then head to bed. I hope i can sleep. I have groceries being delivered in the morning. So happy about that. Tomorrow, assuming i am well enough, i will make a potato and pasta salad to go with some sirloin steaks. Hopefully i get it done.

Goodnight all.

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