Friday, September 12, 2008

Good night, good morning

I've been having bouts of serious last night i decided to call the doctor on call, rather than go to emerg. When he called me back i explained to him what was happening and he we talked about my tumour and he explained that of course, with brain tumours, can come some degree of dizziness but then he inquired about the medications i was taking. I explained that i'd recently begun taking Decadron for the swelling...and he then said that it was that that was probably causing it. He also explained, which i didn't realize, that it was important for me to take the medication with food. A light went on, i hadn't been doing that either. I am notorious for not eating breakfest and that is when i have to take my pills.

Today i had a bite to eat...not much but it was better than nothing...and i felt much better. Thank goodness. I really wasn't much good to mother being so dizzy, all i wanted to do was sleep/lay down.

It is early morning and i'm still up, though i am getting ready for bed. Tim and i spent the evening and wee hours together, doing the things we do...and we just parted company. I took down all of the garbage and made some ice cubes and tidied up the kitchen a tiny bit, then called him to say goodnight (again) and now here i am.

Going to catch up on your blogs before i lay down. Wish i could have seen some of your night tables but i totally understand why those of you didn't participate. I am a curious person, by nature and it would have been fun. Maybe next time, eh? ps...i didn't straighten out my table, it is always pretty tidy and somewhat dusty....but i'm working on that.

Crusty, i loved your comments on the pic!

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