Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ike aftermath

I just spent some time with Tim. He is from Louisville, Kentucky and Sunday he lost power after remnants of Hurricane Ike hitl. Close to 300,000 people are without electricity. As of Monday, the local electric company suggested it might be up to two weeks before power could be restored for all of it's customers without power, so Tim decided to go stay with his parents in Lexington. He is very fortunate that he has family to stay with, i can't imagine what others are doing. I only hope they get it sorted out quickly, for everyones sake. I wish that for all of the people afftected by the hurricane and it's aftermath.

So Tim is with his parents and we were able to spend some time together, playing chess. Yes he wins more often then not...but i sneak in a few wins every once in a great while. My last post was just a bit of fun, i meant nothing against Tim...he doesn't need to use such antics...he is good...very good...but he keeps me laughting with the things he does...and what can i say, i always fall for them. It's one of the many reasons why i love him so.

Monday afternoon my friend Yuni, my hairdresser, came to do our hair. Mainly she was coming to do my sisters hair...but my mother and i decided we'd get our done too. I just had it washed and styled and mother the same. My mother is SO cranky and unhappy with hers. She is terribly fussy about her hair and it looks nice, very nice...but she just is so used to her own hairdresser doing it for many, many years ...that any slight (and it is slight) deviation from his stylings and all she does is complain. I had hoped it would cheer her up...it did for a while. Mind you in front of Yuni she is complimentery and happy with her hair...it is only afterwards that i hear about it. Ahh well, i'm thrilled with mine and so is my sister. She had her roots done (darn grey that grey hair) and then the cap used for some highlights. Yuni mentioned we are the only two of her customers that still use the cap, all the others use foils. I don't know why i like the cap...but i do. Perhaps i should give it up though and switch to foils. What do you think Cheryl?

After i had my hair done, Yuni dropped me off to go shopping at Walmart. She thought of shopping with me but in the end decided she'd go home and relax. It had been her day off and she'd been busy all day. I shopped around, picked up all the stuff i wanted and more. Seriously, never go shopping hungry. I was starving and bought so much junk food it wasn't funny. I did buy a lot of it for my mom and sister.

Came home from Walmart and changed into my jammies, threw a frozen pizza in the oven (it was yummy!) and lounged in front of the tv. There wasn't much on (that i was interested in)...and i was so tired after i ate, that i took a nap. I'd been waiting for Tim. He made the drive to Lexington tonight and i had to wait for him to set up the computer stuff. After my nap i texted him and we met online. Now he's gone to bed and i should head there too.

Tuesday i have the cable guy coming. We've been experiencing some problems getting in a channel that i am paying for but not getting...so we'll see what happens. I'll keep my toes crossed that he's able to sort the problem out.

Off to bed i go...

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