Sunday, September 7, 2008

A challenge

So over on Little Wanderers blog the other day i noticed she had issued a challenge, one that sounded fun to me, so i decided to participate.

The challenge was this...

1. Without cleaning up, take a photo of the floor on your side of the bed or your nightstand, wherever you collect things.

2. Tell us the 'to do' list associated with it.

3. Come back here and let me know you've decided to play along.

4. Do this all by Saturday September 6th (ooops i just noticed there was a time limit, i'm late...does it still count?)

So above is my pic because i cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to get the photo below my text (i am hopeless)...

In the photo is my radio/docking station with my iPOD, full of music which i can never listen to (it annoys my mother)...behind it is the first teddy bear that Tim gave me with an arrangement of lovely flowers... the 'to do' part is...if you look closely, there is one pill at the forefront which i must take each day at dinner time...the pills to the right of there, at the side of the radio are also pills i must take each day (all of the rest of them are in a case on the shelf below) ...there is a book...or rather there should be a book on the top of the table, one i'm meant to be reading but it has fallen to the back and i haven't picked it up yet.

Anyway, that's my contribution to the bit of fun...i hope you'll play along too. Incidentally, Little Wanderer took photos of the top of her fridge and another desk...i stopped at the one. I liked doing this though, kind of gave me a little project to do today...if only i'd been paying attention to the deadline.

Let's remove the deadline...let me know if you play along, k.

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