Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm baaaack

I still haven't had a nap...but i'm going to just as soon as i am done this post.

I just finished playing some canasta with Tim....he beat me two games. I think we'll have to go back to playing some chess...i've had more luck with that game of late.

It's still rainy here and i feel like making some soup, so i might make a soup that i saw made earlier on PBS. It was called pasta fagoli (spelling?) and it seems it basically soup made with diced tomatoes, beans and tortellini. I don't have any tortellini but i do have some itty bitty frozen ravioli so i'll cheat and use that's just such a perfect day for soup.

So far today i've done some tidying up, dishes and vacumming. Oh and i also cleaned the bathroom sink and toilet (ugh!)...but as yet, i haven't felt like doing any laundry. I don't know why...i'd be more apt to do it if i didn't have to look presentable to go out and do it. I have a bad case of bedhead and i just don't feel like doing anything about laundry can wait me thinks.

Hopefully you are all enjoying the day...i notice more than a couple of you haven't been blogging as often...just want you to know i miss know who you are.

Oh...and i'll get to the challenge that i am taking part in later...stay tuned for that.

Off to nap...ciao.

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