Saturday, September 6, 2008

A rainy Saturday morning, purrrfect for a nap

It's a rainy Saturday morning. I'm awake early and feeling okay. I can live with 'okay' fact i'm quite thrilled to...when i think of the's just fine to be okay.

Had a good sleep i think and so far i have only the slightest hint of a headache. I think the low-dose steroids are helping. I finished another cycle of temodar and now will follow that up with labs and scans. It was a bit of a rough week but i made it through, hurray for me.

Mother has come around and is in 'better spirits', thank goodness. I spent some time away from her yesterday but not much. She wasn't feeling well and pleaded with me not to leave her alone. When i'm cooking dinner, i have to be near the i stayed there for a while, watched some tv and left her alone. She did fine, she always does...she just fusses a bit.

After dinner i had to nap, i was so tired from lack of sleep. I've been awake about an hour now and already i'm feeling sleepy. I was going to call Tim but i won't call and wake him just to tell him i am going back to sleep....i'll call him when i get up.

When i get up there is laundry waiting to be done...and i need to vacuum this place, it's a mess. Then i have a challenge to post to my blog...but more about that later.

Off i go for a wee morning nap.

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