Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday evening

It is 11.33pm on this Tuesday night. I just tidied up my room and i am waiting to bathe my mother. She often wants to bathe at odd hours, which doesn't bother me too much because i often feel better later in the day and into the wee hours.

We have the air on but yet i feel warm...i believe i have a temperature but typing that has reminded me yet again that i keep forgetting to pick up a thermometer. I will try to remember to do that tomorrow when i am out. I have to see my doctor in the morning, to see how i am doing and to have labs done, including a urine sample. It is supposed to rain tomorrow and for the next few days. I won't mind going out in the rain, in fact i kind of enjoy it.

Had a fun evening of watching tv with my sister and mom and frequent phone calls to Tim during Big Brother. The people on that show drive me insane but since it seems no one watches, i won't go on about it. One of the shows we watched was Celebrity Family Feud...which pits celebrities and their families against each other. We enjoyed it but i wonder if it is just a summertime show. It is hosted by Al Roker, who is entertaining in his own way but i do like when John O'Hurley hosts...for those of you who don't know him by name, he played Mr Peterman on Seinfeld. He is a fun host.

I know quite a few of you are gardeners...what are you growing? Do any of you have vegetables? I wish i could grow things like peppers and cucumbers and even eggplants. I do so love eggplants. Have you ever breaded eggplant and eaten it on a sandwich, yummy. I'll have to pick up a couple and make loads because it freezes really well...and is also yummy to have as a meat replacement with spaghetti...eggplant parmigiana, yum!

Well mother is ready for her bath now so i'll post this and post again tomorrow. Been to most of your blogs...though i found two or was it three that had been taken down. I'm sorry i missed out on why...or if they've gone somewhere else. Let me know if you are reading this.


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