Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hello again

Time seems to be passing me by so quickly. I can hardly believe it is almost the middle of July already...the summer is flying by. Perhaps that is because i really haven't been out much. Not that i usually am...but i am in the throes of chemo and the thoughts of being out in the hot humid weather make me feel even worse. Instead i am hibernating in my air conditioned bedroom with my computer where i can spend time with Tim or in my bed watching, what else, the GSN (the Game Show Network, for those of you who are unfamiliar).

Most of Friday and Saturday i spent the days and nights in bed or in the bathroom, vomiting. Not pleasant to talk about, i'm sorry...but this is my reality right now. I haven't had much of an appeitite but right now i am craving something cold...i just don't know what.

Since i slept most of the day and evening i didn't get to spend much time with Tim. I miss him when i'm not with him, hearing his voice. We just finished playing some canasta and chess. We are each off to bed, i just thought i'd write a few words to keep up with all of you. Tomorrow i intend on popping by your blogs in the hopes of catching up with's been so long. I am sorry about that but i know you understand and i thank you for that.

I think i'll grab a popsicle or two and head back to bed with a magazine...i hope you all are well.


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