Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An update

Gosh, it's been since forever since i last posted and read your blogs. I apologize for that. I apologize too for worrying those of you that did...I haven't forgotten about my blog but mother is still in hospital and lots has been going on.

There is talk about her getting out of hospital the first of this week...but mother doesn't feel ready to come home...and i'm not convinced she is either.

For one thing, she can't get out of bed on her own. She requires help to just move around in bed, she's that weak. Secondly, she is still being kept in diapers, i assume because she cannot get up on her own...and i don't think i'm up for the job of changing her diapers. I suppose that makes me horrible on some or many levels but it just seems to be where i draw the line.

On Thursday of this past week, we had a family meeting with the doctor, social worker and occupational therapist. Basically they feel they've done all they can for her...and feel she is ready to come home. My sister expressed the concerns i mentioned above and they decided to keep her in a little while longer, to hopefully help to build up her strength but i haven't seen that happen. Each day she is helped out of bed and into a chair to sit for a while but she can't do it for very long. So anyway....she may be on her way home after being in there 3 weeks tomorrow. They are sending her home with a walker, a commode chair (because of my nephews constant use of the bathroom...but that's a whole other issue) and a gel pad for the bed because she has bed sores.

Monday i finally resumed my treatment...and this morning i am paying frequent visits to the bathroom, so sick. Today is a day off so i hope to rest and be with Tim and also get over to see mother.

I hope you don't mind this quick post, i just wanted to post something. I'll be back more often once mother is home and settled and we get back into the swim of things.

I hope you all are well.

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