Sunday, April 6, 2008

A busy weekend

Sunday evening, where on earth did the weekend go. Did yours fly by too.

The weather all weekend was so perfect, i wouldn't have to hibernate during the hot, humid summer months if the weather was more like it was the past three days. Sunny and bright but breezy, bordering on cold. I wouldn't be summer if it weren't for the stifling heat, ugh...but one can dream.

So...Friday i found out my white cell count was very i have to have some shots to help boost it. I have to have bloodwork tomorrow, to see when i can resume my treatment. That was the beginning of my weekend.

Friday dinner time i went to the hospital to visit mother. My aunt Maude was there. It was good to see her again and though mothers side of the family is not close and rarely see each other, she's been there every day, faithfully, sometimes for hours on end. She's been a Godsend really...keeping mother company when i feel really that it should be me there...and probably would be if i didn't know my aunt was there.

Mother is doing about the same. Thursday she had a catscan and my mother says they found something on the lower bowels but i don't know what and so far i've been unable to get any clear answers, from my mother or the staff that i have spoken with. My sister will speak to them tomorrow when she goes after work, she'll get to the bottom of things. I'm not terribly assertive and feel like i am bothering the nurses when i do sister won't feel that way, she will demand to be informed....and so we should be.

Mother is still having the runs and vomiting. She had been on an iv drip with antibiotics and fluids and morphine. When i went Saturday, she was no longer on the drip but today when i went, she was back on it.

I'm just thinking now and i couldn't remember going there Saturday, let alone if she had the drip going then...but i do remember going, seeing my aunt and my sister Lane and her husband coming in and waking mother, only to visit for 10 minutes because they were off to church and some social engagement afterwards. It was dinner time and mother needed help to be fed. Lane said she would do it and was bemoaning the fact that she couldn't believe she had to feed her own mother. I couldn't believe she was making such remarks. Really, she is far and removed from the day to day care involved in looking after mother. She has her busy social life and is not about to let the fact that mother is infirm (or now in hospital) interfere with that. Mother asked her why she could only stay 10 minutes....Lane replied they had to go out...mother was sad and said is that more important than me. Perhaps a guilt trip....but Lane is never around. She rarely visits...or hardly ever calls even. At one time, the three of us talked and Lane committed to try to do more for mother...i mean even if she could just come and sit with her, spend time with her...something, anything...but so far, nothing. Just a perfuntory visit that never lasts long.

Sunday i woke up and felt well rested really. I had gone to bed when i got home from visiting mother (it tires me out) and slept right through most of the night, waking only for quick washroom breaks and drinks of water. I called Tim at one point during the night. He was asleep so we decided we'd both go back to bed and be with each other when we woke. So i slept a long, long time.

When i woke up Sunday, it was a bright, beautiful day. I asked my sister if she wanted to go shopping. I wanted to pick up something for Tim (a cross pendant for his chain) and i wanted to buy my sister some new clothes. She rarely treats herself to things and i decided, what the we each got ready and off we went. I hate shopping this time of the year. The stores are so hot...i think they still have their heat on or one point i had to rush my sister along...because i desperately needed fresh air. We got everything we needed for her and left to go home. When we got home my sister tried on all of her new clothes, most were fine but there were three things that didn't fit. Darn. I'd also totally forgot about looking at crosses and forgot to get the green tea i'd wanted. She asked if she could leave them with me to exchange. I was fine with that but i didn't know when i'd get back there and if i waited for any length of time, what would the selection, size wise, be like, so we got ready again and headed back. I did the returns while she began the search for the new sizes. When i joined up w ith her, we found everything in the new sizes...and found a couple of other things...and then headed over to jewellery. I found a nice one (i hope you like it honey) and then we bought some cushions for the chairs out on the balcony and then we headed home...and guess what, for the second time, i forgot the green tea. I was so disappointed. Since Tim introduced me to Lipton's green tea, citrur flavour, i've really enjoyed it and been wanting to pick up a case of them. Next time i hope.

When sister and i got home, she tried on the new things and we rested for a while. I talked with Tim for a bit, my sister played on the computer. Then we talked about doing laundry and i was so tired by my sister volunteered to do it. I was so relieved. We got it all sorted and she threw it in the washers. I had a think about it and thought since i was so tired, i'd not go visit the end my conscience got the best of me and i felt i couldn't not go. So i got myself ready (again!) and off i went the hospital.

When i got there, she was fast asleep. I didn't know what to do. I was torn. A part of me wanted to write her a note, let her know i'd been and she was asleep and then go home....but the other side of me decided to sit with her for a while and see if she woke on her own. At first there was no sign of her waking...she was snoring and looked so comfortable ...but tiny in the big bed....but after about 30 minutes she began to stir and i called out to her a few times...and she finally came around and opened her eyes.

She was surprised to see me and wondered how long i'd been there. I told her not long and we talked for a w hile. She was uncomfortable and kept asking me to put pillows behind her back and neck. I did my best but even though she is so tiny, it is hard to sit her up on my own, etc....but i did my best.

I stayed until 7.30pm and then excused myself...i was starving (we hadn't eaten yet) and i needed to go home and eat. When i got home, Sue had the pasta on and the garlic bread made...we were having rigatoni and meatballs with buttery, garlicky bread, yum!

After dinner i did the dishes and Sue got started on the huge pile of ironing(most of it her new stuff). I felt pretty good up until a little while it is past midnight and i am sleepy. I just got off the phone with Tim. We aren't going to play games right now, instead we are both going to sleep for a bit and call the other when we wake.

So i will go and lay down, get some much needed sleep...but i will be around to catch up with you all the meantime, what did you do this weekend?

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