Monday, January 5, 2009

Where did it go?

Sunday flew by for me, did it you?

I woke up fairly early.. well for me...and called Tim. We met up online and played some Monopoly until 1pm...when he had to leave to get ready to go out. He was heading to Lexington to watch a basketball game between U of K and U of L with his brother.

I always miss him when he's away but it was good for him to get out and spend some time with his brother and family.

It meant a very quiet day for me as usually there are many phone calls between us all day when we aren't together. Sue had woken up early and did the laundry that my nephew was meant to be doing, so that was taken care of and i didn't have to do that. She had also got everything ready for dinner. Vegetables peeled and in water on the stove. We had a pot roast with potatoes, carrots and onion...with coleslaw and mashed turnips. Oh and Yorkshire pudding...musn't forget that.

I ended up going to pick up some groceries. There were some things we needed...margerine..tea bags...salad...and lots of other things i wanted to pick up. The stores, compared to during the holidays, were relatively i leisurely walked around the store, looking for things. Recently they changed the store around to make room for the new pharmacy that they i'm lost and trying to re-familiarize myself with where things are. I am 'known' for forgetting things, even when i have a list...because i often even don't check the list...but i'm trying to be better about that and really checking the list before i check out, to make sure i don't go home with a long list of things i forgot.

Got everything home in a taxi and eventually all put away. It was going on 4pm by that time and mother and i thought of going for a nap but in the end we didn't. At that point dinner was almost ready...we wanted to eat early because my sister, after having been off for 11 days straight, is heading back to work Monday morning and she wanted a relaxing, long evening.

We were done eating dinner by 5.30 or so and shortly thereafter i did the dishes. Man i felt so sleepy at that point (really wished i'd taken a nap earlier) but i got the dishes done and then laid down for a nap. I set my alarm to wake up for 9pm but i ended up waking up just after 8pm...with a headache.

I had my alarm set for 9 because i wanted to watch a show with my sister then...a new show started with international dance teams. I forget what it was called but it is a dance competition with teams from around the world. We liked it ....but it wasn't as good as we'd hoped it would be. A lot of the 'dancing' we thought of as more of tumbling or something...not what i think of as dancing....certainly not on par with say So You Think You Can Dance or Dancing with the Stars.

We'll continue to watch it though...because have you noticed lately there is nothing on tv. Gosh...we're desperate for something to watch. I know American Idol starts next week (i think?) but i am kind of a little tired of that show.

Here in Canada, just before the holidays, the first version of So You Think You Can Dance Canada was on and we really enjoyed that. Hopefully another American version will be on soon. Also hoping another season of Big Brother will be on this winter...i haven't heard anything though, have you?

So we watched the dance show and got through the end i did my usual rituals...made ice cubes and got water and ice for mother and me. Tim then called to let me know he'd just walked in the door. I was so happy to hear his voice and happier still that he had a good time and had arrived back home safely.

I made mother a roast beef sandwich as a late evening snack (which she has already eaten as i type this) and got my sister and i each a piece of cheese bread (oh and a piece for mother too) and went back to my room to call Tim back.

We decided to both have a nap. I tried to sleep but couldn't. This headache is nagging at me and my neck and shoulders are tense. I've heated up my magic bags and i've got them on my back and neck so that should help...i've also taken a muscle we'll see what happens.

I called Tim to tell him i couldn't sleep but he still sounded tired so he's gone back to sleep and i'm here writing this.

This week i have two appointments. Tuesday i see my oncologist and Wednesday i have a dentist appointment. I can't remember exactly what she'll be doing, i think building my teeth back up. I grind them you see and they're worn down to the denta...and so i think thats what will be happening. I have two teeth to be pulled but i'm not sure when that will happen. I'm in no big rush for that but my sister says i should as not to end up with another infected tooth ...with the pain, etc that i experienced. When i go on Wedneday i'll ask about it.

After my appointment Wednesday, mother wants me to do a bit of i'll do that then come back home. It will be nice to get out a bit this week.

Next week i'm back on chemo with one more month to go (prayers said). We'll see what happens after that.

Anyway..all in all it was a good day but it certainly went by quickly...which is good and bad...but mostly good because i missed Tim and bad because the day is almost over.

Well i'm off to visit your blogs...see you there.

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