Friday, January 2, 2009

Chilly nights and days

Had a nice, relaxing day today...but i've had a terrible headache all day and it rages on. I can't complain because i've been having some really good days lately.

It is the wee hours of the morning and i'll be heading to bed very the hopes that my head is better when i wake up.

When i do wake up, i think i'll do some laundry. I wanted to do it today but that just didn't happen. That's a good thing about will always wait.

It's been cold outside, bitterly cold. I won't complain about that either but we have had the window cracked open (at mothers insistence) so i've been bundling up and wearing socks and slippers on my feet. Mother has been all snuggled up in bed with her blankets too...but she doesn't want the window shut, she prefers the fresh air to how stuffy it can get with the window closed. I do too but this cold snap is something else altogether...if it were up to me i'd have closed it...but must keep mother happy.

When i woke up this morning, it was funny....i looked at my hands and thought...oh yeah, i have nails...i'd totally forgotten or something. Then when i was sitting up, i looked down at my toes and smiled. I know it must sound silly but it makes me feel good that i got them done...makes me feel girlie...sometimes this disease robs me of that, i can't explain just does. So...i hope to keep this up.

Well i think i'll pop by your blogs, see if any of you have written...then i'll crawl into my ice cold bed (which i love) to warm it up soon as i watch the end of Extreme Home Makeover...goodnight all.

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