Sunday, May 18, 2008

Water on ice and blogging...

Late Saturday night and i am bored and lonely. Tim was tired and went to bed for a nap earlier...i miss him but hate to call and wake him...instead i am waiting for him to wake up and call me. So i am sitting here with my ever-present glass of ice water, blogging...i've missed sharing my it's nice to get back into the swing of things.

I had a rather lazy day today, mostly watching tv. I have got to tell you, in such a short period of time i am really enjoying this digital tv stuff, especially GSN ..the Game Show Network. If you are a fan of game shows as my mother and i are, you'll love it too. We've watched it almost all day today. It's fun because it's interactive...and sort of keeps you thinking. There are quite a few games shows on there that i've heard of but even more that i haven't. Perhaps they are original shows made just for the channel, i don't know but what fun it is.

Tim makes fun of me...for paying all this money for the extra channels and only watching the one...but seriously, i do flip around the channels and even the guide to see what else is on. I am slowly trying to get used to the sheer number of channels and trying to remember them somehow. Keep in mind i am working with a diseased brain...but i really think i am doing pretty well. Late at night when mother is asleep i play around, seeing how high up the channels go, trying to get more familiar with the remote itself...which is hard to do in the dark i tell you....but as i said, i am getting there.

It is a long weekend here. It's the Victoria Day weekend, in honour of Queen Victoria's birthday. It is also the unofficial start of summer here. Lots of people off camping i'm sure...and even more up at their cottages, opening them for the season. My sister Linda and her husband Dan headed north to their cottage to do that. I hope she doesn't work too hard, she's having lots of health issues too and i worry about her, she's a hard worker and is always on the go.

We're having a quiet weekend here. For the most part, quiet and lazy. Well, i did the all the loads of laundry on Friday morning so i could take it easy. Sue has spent last night and this morning cleaning but she is also resting the rest of the weekend. Sunday i'll go get some groceries. We don't need tons but of course that never stops me from getting tons. Seriously though, i am trying to cut down on that and so trying to go weekly, usually on Fridays, rather than going a couple of times a week or whatever. We need to cut back here and i'll do my best to help out in that area.

Well...on Friday too, my nephew came home. So much for him being gone for the summer. I can't tell you how much more i enjoy this place when he isn't here. It just feels more like home than when this adult male with a severe attitude problem walks around here like he owns the place, making messes that he doesn't always clean up, monopolizing the bathroom and his crude jokes which i can do without. I am not a prude but the jokes he often tells are just plain terrible. I know he thinks he is funny or clever or both but i find him rude. He calls me, his mother and my mother, his grandmother..whores and b******...and those are the nice names. He is a smart alec with a chip on his shoulder who thinks the world (and us) owe him. Can you tell i've had enough of him. There is a long story behind all of my feelings on this subject but mainly i just think it's about time he left the nest and flew on his own...but it will never happen, he'll never grow up and you know what...i think my sister likes it that way. For some reason unbeknownst to me, she likes having him around. I just see him as another mouth to feed, more laundry to wash...who doesn't contribute to the household...financially or otherwise. Ugh. Okay enough about that.

A couple of weeks ago i bought a file cabinet. I was able to purchase it online from Staples. I purchased a bunch of things from there but i also splurged on a printer/scanner/fax machine. I haven't scanned or faxed yet. I will rarely have call to fax but it's nice to have...but the printer i will get good use of. I am going to put together a cook book of a bunch of online recipes i've found. I'll get started on that this week i think...i'm looking forward to it. ps...i think i might have mentioned all of this before, if i have, forgive me...i have trouble remembering all that i talk about here bear with me, please.

I finally called my doctor's office on Friday to find out why i hadn't heard anything about scheduling for my tests...turns out the nurse in charge of that is on holidays and will be back in the office on i'll call back then. I feel bad for sort of chasing after them...but i'm anxious to know everything and find out where we go from here. I hope it's some good news...i'm really in need of some good news.

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