Tuesday, May 13, 2008

An early morning blog

Mother has been home close to a week and is settling in nicely. It's taking me some time to get back into the swing of things...but i'll get there.

Seems the phone never stops ringing these days, which is unusual considering my nephew isn't home. He is working out of town for a while, possibly until the end of the summer but i'll believe that when i see it. Yes i am very skeptical but that's because he doesn't hold a job very long. Thirty five years old and still living with his mother (and grandmother and aunt)...not exactly a woman's dream come true...not by a long shot.

I finished this round of treatment last Friday. So happy...but now awaiting appointments to go in and have the usual tests and scans to see where we go next. I tolerated this round very well....and hope the next round goes as well.

I have been having some severe headaches lately though. Sometimes it is just stress though. I can tell because when i have a stress headache my neck and shoulders get very tight and hurt so much. I have muscle relaxers but they don't always help. I do worry about the severity of the headaches i've been having. Will talk to my doctor next time i see him.

We had a nice Mother's day here. My sister and i had a chance to go to the mall together before she came home from the hospital and we bought her some nice things. Then i sent my sister back the Saturday prior to the day...to get a couple of other things too. Decided to spoil her a bit since she'd been so sick but also because we missed her birthday with her being in hospital at the time. For dinner, we had prime rib with all the trimmings, including Yorkshire pudding. It was delicious and practically melted in your mouth.

Last week i finally decided to order digital cable. Today the tuners arrived and so i asked my friend Rich to stop by and install them for me. What a hassle that became. I ordered three...two regular ones and one DVR for my bedroom, so that i can record on it. In the end my sister decided she didn't want one in the living room where she normally sleeps. What a pain for Rich to hook everything up then have to undo it. Mind you he didn't mind but it was all stressing me out. I also wanted a new all-in-one printer installed on my computer but it turned out i didn't have the correct cable for it. I ordered that online and it should be here in a day or two. I'm excited. I've never had a printer/fax/scanner before and i can't wait to put it to use. Rich will come back when the cord arrives...i can hardly wait.

So here it is 5am and i am still awake. I've had a severe headache tonight and while i did try to nap last night, i only slept for about an hour then woke up. In too much pain to sleep. I spent some time with Tim online. We played some Yatzee and chatted, then we shopped a bit. I ordered some more things from Staples.ca and then he was tired and went to bed. I've been bored and lonely since...but i had a nice, long hot bath and just got out a little while ago. I'm flipping the channels on the cable box and enjoying some new tv viewing...it should be fun with more to choose from.

Well it's been so long...i'm headed for your blogs to catch up with you.

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