Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Coming home tomorrow

I can't believe it's been so long since i was last here, i'm sorry. Time has just flown by. I got back to my treatments finally and this week is the last for this round. I am both relieved but tentatively so because i don't know what's next yet....more, no doubt. Can i face it...yes but i wish i didn't have to...just want to go to Tim and get on with our life together.

Mother is finally coming home tomorrow after quite a lengthy hospital stay. She went in the day before her birthday, March 31. She is not wanting to come home. She is still weak and unable to walk without assistance but they feel she is ready so that is all that matters.

I think it will do her good to come home but i will miss all the alone time i've been having with Tim...am i terrible or what. Well...i guess i'm not...i can't help wanting to be with the man i love.

I had really hoped that mother would have gone into permanent care after this whole thing but she keeps telling social workers, etc...that her daughter (me) will look after her. So be it...it's fine with me until i am well enough to go be with Tim...then other arrangements will have to be made for her.

It is my off day of treatment today, so i'm just relaxing, waiting for Tim to come home and puttering around. Going to go do a bit of shopping tonight...mother's day is fast approaching.

Is anyone still out there?

ps....Cheryl..sorry for worrying you, i'll do better at keeping in touch once mother is home and settled.

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