Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Getting back to blogging. My how life has changed for me, what a perfect place to talk about all of those changes than here.

I am sad that all of the followers who stuck by me are long gone...but maybe new followers will come along, one can hope.

In all honesty I had forgotten where this blog was...when this evening I logged into Blog Talk Radio site to listen to my new found favourite radio show "I'm With Stupid" and read their blog. I noticed at the top of the page it said I could look for other blogs, so I began skipping through. Nothing caught my fancy, so I clicked on add a post *or whatever it said, my memory is such that I've already forgotten* and lead me to my blog. Imagine my delight.

I'd been trying to find it for a while, but with said memory being so bad, I could not remember where it was. Then I think one day I found the sight but could not remember my user information to log in.

Short story long, here I am.

I don't remember how do post, I am typing and hoping I will figure it out along the way...but it is good to have found this place, my little haven in this big place we call the internet.

I have lots to tell...some good, some bad...hopefully, if nothing else, I'll enjoy the process of blogging again.

In the's good to be here...I shall now bookmark this page.

Go me!


Z said...

Hello, Jamie. I'm still here and I'm sure others will return as well. I don't know what has happened to comments on previous posts, they used to be there. I hope you are well now and look forward to hearing what's been happening in your life.

~Just me again~ said...

Hey Jamie, I'm still here too. Just not as often. But I do run through and peek in on people. I look forward to reading you again ;)> Welcome back!!!

Lena said...

It made my day to see your post today! I so look forward to your updates!!

Lena said...

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you!