Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Toothy news

Well Monday i started chemo again and so far so good. Yes i've been sick and combined with the tooth, in general, been feeling quite miserable at time...but hey, i'm still alive and kicking, right.

Tuesday i went to the dentist. Relatively uneventful appointment. After doing an xray she (the dentist) determined that my tooth is infected and she started me on a new antibiotic. She didn't want to give me anything for the pain, instead said it should start to feel better in three to four days. I am not sure i can last that long with this pain, so tomorrow i will call my doctor and see if i can get some more percocets to tide me over. I go back on December 31 at 8.30am to have a full set of xrays and to have my teeth cleaned. She said it would probably make more sense to extract the tooth rather than do a root canal and since it is at the back of my mouth, i will be able to do just fine without it. Good news to me because i've heard some real horror stories about root canals and even if i hadn't...they just don't sound like fun. Thing is, i haven't had a tooth pulled since i was a child and i cannot remember what it's like. I think it hurt but surely dentistry has come a long way since then. Either way i am looking forward to it being taken care of and looking forward to having some nice clean teeth for the new year.

Other than my chemo and my tooth, not much new happening with me. On Sunday my sister came with me and we went to get groceries. BIG mistake taking her. She has no patience for crowds and part way through shopping she starting telling me to hurry up (have i mentioned how bossy my sister is)...there were things we needed and she kept trying to talk me out of getting them. It got so frustrating i just wanted to tell her to go if she wanted to (which i'm sure she'd have taken me up on) but we were, at that point, pushing two grocery carts and so i needed her help. We got a ton of groceries because we were out of a lot of things and plus she needed a bunch of things for baking...sugar, flour, fine sugar,nuts, coconut, butter, chocolate and butterscotch chips...etc etc. She loves to bake at this time of year. Has made a few batches of shortbread already but she took those to work to give to her boss to take home, apparently she just loves it and i must admit it is quite yummy.

Wednesday my friend Rich is coming over. We are going grocery shopping to pick up some things for dinner and for a cabbage casserole that i am going to make on the weekend. When we get back he'll be doing some work on my computer, as well as readying my other computer so i can send it to Tim. He'll also be checking on the new tv. For some reason i don't think i have it hooked up correctly because i can't switch over to the dvd or digital cable. Hopefully he'll solve those matters and then we can watch a movie. It's his day off from work so i appreciate him coming over.

Tim and i just playing...yep, you got it...Monopoly. I won the last game, hooray for me...i enjoy my wins when they few and far between. He has gone to bed and i'm having a wave of nauseousness right now so i think i'll close and go to bed.

Are you all ready for Christmas yet?

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